3 Stories Your Brand Can Tell Today
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Your brand has a really important story to tell, and this story can make a massive impact in how your brand interacts with the community. However, sometimes it’s hard to understand where to begin. Fortunately, there are three great stories you can tell today. Here’s where to start — people, process and product.

A People Story

A brand is carried by people — there are living faces behind the vision of a brand. So how do you go about telling the story of the people in your brand? Try finding someone who is really passionate about their contribution. This doesn’t always mean the client-facing worker — oftentimes those who are behind the scenes are making equally meaningful contributions towards the vision of the brand.

When you have the chance to sit down with this individual, ask questions about why they love what they do. This goes beyond the job, and into the purpose behind their role. Do they stand with the values of the brand? Do they enjoy achieving success in their role? Even asking them to state the brand mission in their own words can provide valuable insight into why they love working with the brand.

Armed with a handful of great stories from the faces inside your brand, you can begin crafting a master story of the people who make your brand happen everyday.

A Process Story

Is there a process that sets your brand apart from your competition? What “special sauce” do you use everyday to make sure your brand is the best on the block? These questions often draw up a process that is unique to your brand. From physical procedures, to creative methods, there are many ways that your brand stands out from the rest.

Make sure to take the time to tell these stories! If a process is important to your brand, it’s worth sharing. Think through how your brand starts its day. People in the brand probably have unique ways of thinking through problems and creating solutions. Maximize the power of your story by sharing the process that makes your brand special.

A Product Story

Finally, it’s important to take a look at the product or service you offer as a whole. How does this product make a difference in the community around you? What are practical ways that your audience can use your service to better their lives? When you are thinking beyond sales figures or statistics, and telling the story of the purpose behind your product, you are telling a powerful story.

Your brand audience wants to know more about how your products and services can genuinely change their lives. Could making an investment in your brand make a difference for them? When your audience believes in the product, they believe in the story you are telling.

Equipped with three powerful stories to tell, now is the time to craft your brand’s narrative. Where have you come from in the past? What will you be known for today? How will you be remembered in the future? With a great brand story focusing around people, process and product, you can answer these questions confidently. You’re now ready to make your impact on your audience and the world around them.