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What Kind of Ad Should I Use For My Social Media Campaign?
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In order to sell a house, you need to advertise it on the market. You might begin an advertisement by writing a short ad on Craigslist, or in your local newspaper. This ad would consist of a simple copy (or text) designed to give a basic overview of the house and its features. Take a look at this ad for a house below:

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All ads function around an idea, and copy is often a way to voice this idea. While copy can be an effective way to describe the house, it can miss the opportunity to visualize the ad.

You wouldn’t want to make a downpayment on a house you’ve never seen, would you? It might be a steal on a beautiful house, but you have no way to visualize your decision. Ads on social platforms work in a very similar way. The majority of people on social networks will see a large chunk of text and disengage while scrolling past. Text doesn’t reach the full visual potential of an ad when used alone.

With an important decision like buying a house on the line, you might realize the buyer needs the bigger picture. A literal picture. Real estate websites and home magazines often include images of the interior and exterior of a home. This gives customers a visualization of the description of your home. Your images will be intentional — every picture designed to show off just how much greater your house is than the others on the market. You’ve taken a step above the competitors who are still running text ads — now we’re selling! A well placed image can make all the difference on a social network as potential customers scroll through a never ending feed of text.

Image ads create visuals, but a visual is not a substitute for an experience. Enter your new best friend, the guided tour.

Once the buyer has seen your text and image ad, they may be interested enough to ask for a tour. This tour is often given by a realtor — someone who has expertise in showing the buyer the best features of the house through an onsite, in-person walkthrough.

Similarly, a video ad on a social network feed gives it’s viewer a hands-on guided tour of the product or service being sold. A text caption gives a great description of why to click watch. A well placed thumbnail gives visual context. And finally, the video gives an in-depth look that acts as a final point of contact before a call to action.

Whether you are selling a beautiful house, pitching the latest gadget, or offering the best-in-class legal service — video is your best weapon to stand out in a saturated market.