Forecast5 Analytics

All Systems Go...

As a key innovator in the public sector, software company Forecast5 Analytics has a number of incredible stories to tell. As a long time partner of ours, we have had the chance to work alongside them, developing videos as they launch products, market events and host conferences.

Every fall, Forecast5 has hosted a large user conference to demonstrate key updates to their products, show off new offerings in their suite of services, and provide clients with one-on-one experiences.

We were excited to work together with Forecast5's marketing department to produce their outer-space themed 2019 National Conference: "All Systems Go."

Starting the process in January of 2019, we began to coordinate audio visual needs with the event venue in order to dream up a huge stage setup. This provided the audience with an incredible, larger-than-life experience that really drove home the space theme of the conference.

Thoughtfully developing media to help promote the conference, we created a Save the Date video, and an official Conference Promotional video. These were pushed out in email campaigns that allowed the Forecast5 marketing team to see a bigger number of sign ups than ever before.

We worked with Forecast5 staff to train them on a set of small live stream cameras, in order to capture all user sessions on video. These videos would become integral in the Forecast5 Portal, a learning management system used by the company.

The week of the conference finally came, and we worked tirelessly with on-site A/V technicians to ensure a stress-free conference that went smoothly.

We kicked off the conference with a custom intro video to introduce the two keynote speakers, and gathered footage of all sessions, client interactions, and even the fun client event that evening.

All this came together in a one-day turnaround video to recap the conference at the final session. Clients were excited to see themselves featured in the video, and this final piece of the conference solidified the incredible client experience.

"The work we do with Charter Creative is one of the best marketing investments we make each year." - Eric Smith, Forecast5 Analytics

We are excited to continue producing and creating great conferences for Forecast5 in the future, as they continue to navigate the frontier of data anayltics in public education.