Russo Power Equipment

The Next 50

Chicago-based power tool industry leader Russo Power Equipment celebrated it's 50th year of business in 2019. Recognizing this amazing accomplishment, they set out on a mission to produce a commemorative video piece.

During our initial creative brief with the Russo team, it became very clear that the company was something special. We spent time learning the story of Russo's 50 years, and thinking critically about the content needed to tell that story effectively.

We spent the day on-site at Russo Power's Elgin location, conducting interviews with team members from all different departments. From sales, to repairs, to management - we covered all sorts of employees. This made for an incredibly rich set of interviews, with diverse responses from people of all different backgrounds.

Switching into footage-gathering mode, we filmed everything from the welding process in the repairs department, to the packing line in the shipping department.

Back in the studio, we were able to put together three different story lines from the interviews: stories about people, stories about process, and stories about the future. By breaking down the content into these sections, it became easy to craft a video that highlighted the "who, what and why" of Russo Power Equipment.

Going a step further, we created a hype cut from left-over footage to give Russo a great way to kick off their holiday party, where both videos were debuted.

"Working with Charter Creative was truly an enlightening experience. Their knowledge, experience and creative drive carried our vision to reality," -Brian Henning, Russo Power Equipment

It was a privilege to work alongside a company that is changing the game in the retail world. With an exciting outlook into 2020, Russo is looking forward to celebrating their "Next 50" with a powerful look back at the first 50.