Wheaton College Football

Set, Hike...

Wheaton College's Football Booster organization approached us with a dream: create a video piece to tell a story based on one question—"Why Wheaton Football?"

Through the process of interviewing a handful of Wheaton football players and coaches, we found a common thread: everyone believed that Wheaton College Football was "Worth It."

Armed with a great testimony to the program, we set out to capture the action on the field during the spring practice season. Capturing intense drills, grueling sprints, and technical plays, the project began to come to life.

With final edits being placed on the video, we delivered it just in time for the team's football chapel, giving "Worth It: The Story of Wheaton Football" it's grand debut.

"Worth It" won a silver award in the 2019 Davey Awards, putting Charter Creative and Wheaton College Athletics on the map in the creative world.

Fall rolled around, and Wheaton contacted us again - this time, looking for a video that would hype up the crowds and kick off the football season.

Filming took place in the locker room, during practices, and on the line of scrimmage during the pre-season. We were able to produce an incredible piece that centered around the team's anthem of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."

No one could have predicted that Wheaton College Football would make it to the Quarterfinals of the NCAA D3 playoffs that year. Head coach Mike Swider, a prominent figure in the videos, took to the field for his last season in 2019, announcing his retirement shortly after Wheaton's last game in the playoffs.

"The quality of (Charter Creative's) work, combined with their responsiveness and guidance, made the entire process seamless and the end product excellent." - Doug Wall, Wheaton Thunderbackers

We were honored to be a part of capturing the legacy of our incredible hometown team, and truly believe these videos speak volumes about the mission and values of an amazing organization.