Young Life Wheaton

Every Kid Deserves a Chance

Having partnered with Young Life's Wheaton location in the past, we were excited to work with them again to create a series of videos for their annual fundraising banquet.

Young Life is a ministry that supports students ranging in age from junior high to high school by providing safe spaces for them to fellowship together, and connecting them with adults that genuinely care about them.

To capture the essence of what it means to "meet kids where they're at," we went on-site to film at Young Life's events. From dancing, to paint wars, to a time of sharing stories, Young Life club was nothing short of high energy.

We got on the ground with students in order to show Young Life partners just how incredible the program is. Dodging the whip cream battle with a camera in hand made for a special kind of challenge.

We filmed honest, authentic interview content that laid the groundwork for this story by hosting a few students and leaders in our studio, and going out to a leader's home to meet with a small group.

From stories about Young Life club, to getaways at summer camps, to individual relationships, the Young Life crew opened up to talk about what makes the program so unique.

"What I appreciated the most about working with (Charter Creative) was how...they never made me feel like a nuisance and allowed me to be as engaged as I wanted to in the creative process." - Brady Wright, Young Life

During the editing process, it was easy to see the story come to life as we created a high energy brand video, and a powerful, emotion-driven testimonial. These two videos served as key calls to action during the fundraising banquet, and allowed Young Life to tell their story genuinely and passionately.